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Bruce L., Baseball Player

Julie's all-encompassing, holistic fitness approach has helped me achieve better endurance, energy levels, and strength & conditioning goals on and off of the field!

Kirsten Laursen-Muth

I really look forward to working out with Julie and have seen real results in strength and tone.  Julie is always encouraging and upbeat, fun to workout with and keeps me on track.  There are so many different ways to workout and there is always something new to learn!


Grainne Jacob

Julie has loads of experience in her field of personal training and nutrition. She implemented customized workouts helped me get on track with my nutrition. 


With small changes to my habits a developed a routine!


Julie she helped me on my health and fitness Journey!!

I went to Ireland for an big event and showed up my best self and lost the inches and weight!🙌

I continue to implement the healthy habits and make getting to the gym and weight training part of my daily routine!


Susan Ahlstrom

I can’t say enough about Julie Durkin as a strength and conditioning coach. I first started training with Julie during Covid. At a time when everyone around me was anxious and unsteady, I never felt stronger. She showed me that physical strength is the foundation of emotional strength. Her encouragement and attention to correct form and technique, keeping me safe, helped me so much.

Thank you, Julie!


Marybeth Durkin

Here’s a trainer that walks the walk and talks the talk! All you have to do is look at her and you know she knows how to get to ultimate fitness. I trained with Julie and she can devise an awesome workout for all levels that will help you meet you fitness goals. Don’t hesitate start today!!


Jennie Torres

My health and fitness journey started back in 2010 when I became Taconic fitness manager. I’ve always struggled with consistency in the gym. I’d work out diligently for a couple of weeks on my own and then fall off the bandwagon for a month or two. Somedays, I would over do it at the gym causing me to be too sore to even work out the next week. Fitness was a constant up and down struggle for me. As a result of the inconsistency, I never saw good results until I met Julie. Her motivation and support pushed me to be more consistent with completing my workouts every day.


 Before I met Julie, my weight was increasing and I was not happy with the way I looked. But Julie gave me a road map to success by showing me what great eating habits looked by giving me meal-prepping ideas and showing me workout routines that I could fit into any part of my day, no matter how busy I was.  This helped make fitness a more practical part of my lifestyle.


In 2015, Julie did a presentation about Bootcamp Fitness and I loved it. I remember her talking about Group Fitness classes, which caught my attention because working out in a group is something I had never tried before. After my first class,  I remember feeling completely exhausted but energized at the same time. I couldn’t wait to try other classes!  Over the following months, I became a “regular” in other classes like BodyPump and Zumba. The instructors did a great job of making everyone feel like family. They were always very friendly and encouraging. The instructors and other class members all pushed each other give the most effort possible which was an aspect of fitness I had never experienced before but it gave me the extra motivation to give my all.


Staying motivated in fitness is always a struggle, but when you join Julie in her fitness training class, whether it’s one on one or in a group, Julie always finds a way to make the training fun while making you work hard.

Prioritizing time to work out also became easier for me be. 



Location: Stay Tuned!
Address: Hopewell Junction, NY
Facebook and Instagram : julie.durkin1

Thank you for contacting us!


TrainNThrive - Transform Your Health & Life with Julie



Empowering You to Achieve Your Fitness Goals with TrainNThrive

Fit Women

Julie Durkin - AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

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About Julie:


Julie Durkin is the founder of TrainNThrive, a Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Mindset Coaching Company.


She has been working in the field of nutrition and exercise for 28 years and has a passion for helping individuals find ways to incorporate exercise and healthy food into their lives in a way that makes sense for them. 


A mom of 3, avid weightlifter, marathoner and loves hiking and nature.


You can find her on Instagram and Facebook as julie.durkin1, where she shares health tips and much more.


Working with her clients on their mindset, nutrition, and fitness has proven to her every person is different and there are many strategies and tools to help them navigate reach their goals, and feel good about themselves. Once someone knows what they should be doing in terms of food and exercise, the next step is figuring out the strategies that will help them accomplish those goals within the parameters of their sometimes stressful, often busy day.  As a mom of 3 children, I recognize that not everyone has unlimited time and energy for cooking and for working out.


"I have had the opportunity to reach and help thousands of people in my 28 years of training. Whether it be one on one, group classes, boxing, spin, full body strength and conditioning,  boot-camps. My purpose here is to spread my love and knowledge of health and fitness and help others to become, stay healthy and fit, change their mindset and habits to feel and become more confident and show up their best self."


We can work together to:


  • Improve your overall physical strength and flexibility

  • Improve core and balance

  • Functional Training

  • Help you reach and or maintain a healthy weight

  • Establish new habits with nutrition and develop a healthy relationship with food

  • Educate you on proper nutrition for your body to enhance your workouts

  • Work on habit-building and routine organization

  • Get rid of old mindsets and shift you into a new and more positive perspective

  • Help to eliminate feelings of guilt and shame around food and your body

  • Build customized work-outs that will work for you and your goals

  • Weekly check in to keep you on track and heading toward you goals and mental growth

High Five

From Zoom Classes to Nutrition Guidance

Personalized Work Outs and Nutrition, Wellness Questionnaire and waiver,

1 Session $90,  $400 for 5 pack ($80 per session), $700 for 10 ($70 per session) 


Julie Durkin: Personal Trainer/Coach AFAA (NASM), Nutrition Certification AFAA, Dutchess Community College Course for Nutrition, Kick Boxing Certification AFAA, Prenatal Certification AFAA, Strength Training Certification AFAA, Pilates Certification AFAA.


One Session

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Five Sessions

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Ten Pack - Nutrition

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